True Neutral Crew

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True Neutral Crew brings together the strengths of three distinctly different musicians. Brian Kinsman of Foot Village (Northern Spy / Fat Cat / Upset The Rhythm) plays streamlined forceful drums. Margot Padilla of I.E. (Deathbomb Arc) composes cold and meticulous power ballad drones. Daveed Diggs of clipping. (Sub Pop) flows with a quickness both ecstatic and heartless at the same time. On their debut mixtape #MONSANTO they participate in a rap tradition of playing the villain. But there are no drug dealers or pimps here. Rather, something completely void of even street heroism: Illuminati, CIA agents, and, of course, Monsanto CEOS. Adding a huge krautrock influence to their work, the results are more outside of any genre than in. The focus is tone, texture, and teamwork. Even if for an evil cause.


“heady and socially conscious” – The Needle Drop

“Tiene una cantidad gigantesca de elementos que en principio parecería que son una combinación tóxica, pero el resultado es increíble.” – Vice Columbia

“Their specialty is just mixing hip-hop with experimental punk in ways you would have never imagined.” – Afropunk

“some seriously crazy instrumentals and vocal work that has to be heard” – Potholes In My Blog

“…joyous MBV meets The Breeders which threatens to fall apart at any moment yet never quite does thanks to a production that knows exactly when to let the instruments peep out of the murk and when to smother them again.” – 8/10 at Louder Than War

“We love it very much” – 20 Jazz Funk Greats

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