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“Spectrum Hunter” Trailer on Vimeo

While many artists are referencing the early 90s aesthetic in their work these days, Jon Clark’s 32 minute film ‘Spectrum Hunter’ goes beyond the look with a narrative about why this particular moment in youth culture was significant. Influenced by surrealism of laserdisc games, absurdity of collecting pogs, and dark allure of arcades, this film captures the ineffable fantasy in the mind of kids that dedicated their lives to these things. For kids, these were more than hobbies. As unrealistic as it may seem to an adult, these were the training grounds for adulthood. Presented with the same absurdity as the material referenced, Jon Clark (director of the LA Vampires’ “So Unreal” music video) has made a film unlike anything you’ve ever seen (except for your own life if you were a nerdy kid in the early 90s).


Premiere screenings: Synchronicity Space (LA), Jan 21 and 28

Limited, one week internet screening: Network Awesome, March 2012

Official Synopsis

When TC’s older brother goes missing, TC and Rotten Robbie embark on an adventure to find him. The trail leads them to the maze of the uncanny Spectrum Hunter cult where they encounter bizarre rituals, puzzles, illusions, and a pantheon of adversaries.


“Spectrum Hunter captures the timeless atmosphere of youth while leaving the menace of childhood intact. It is a vital document of the dark, nostalgia-infected vibe that colors the work of Not Not Fun artists and associated blurry-VHS style travelers like James Ferraro.” – Visitation Rites

“Jon Clark’s vision is something broader in scope, something freer, and frankly just more fun to witness.”Impose Magazine

“Jon Clark is currently best known for directing the video for LA Vampires ‘So Unreal’, but his latest work might change that.” – Electronic Beats


Film Stills: Flickr

DVD for purchase: Deathbomb Arc

For more info: Jon Clark Video

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