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In 2012, Christian A. McLaurin turned down an offer to attend The Berklee College of Music. Instead, he assumed the name Signor Benedick The Moor and began rapping over the sort of sweeping, multi-instrumental compositions that had gotten him accepted to the prestigious school. Bold for sure, but since then he’s gotten to record and tour with Sub Pop signed rap trio clipping., release his debut album ‘El Negro’ on Deathbomb Arc (label behind the early releases of Death Grips, Julia Holter, & clipping.), and perhaps most importantly, not take out a bunch of impossible to pay back loans.

While his story is still in it’s infancy, a listen to any of the fantastic narratives in Signor Benedick The Moor’s songs gives the impression of someone that may have been alive forever – or at least is living out of time. Favoring movement based pieces that flow between adept rap verses and layered instrumentals, his tales are told through many voices; not all linguistic. They adopt a classical air, but are invoked with a deeply personal and youthful tone.

In addition to his solo music, he also works in the rap group True Neutral Crew alongside Daveed Diggs of clipping. (Sub Pop) / Hamilton, Brian Kinsman of Foot Village (Fat Cat, Not Not Fun, Northern Spy) & Gang Wizard (Ecstatic Peace, Load), and Margot Padilla of I.E. (Deathbomb Arc).


Rated the #1 Underground album of 2016 so far by Nerdist!

Feature in The WIRE

“This dude’s got too much talent to be hanging in the underground too much longer, seriously.” – The Needle Drop

Feature in VICE Mexico

“impressively widescreen, big and brash and cinematic, the sort of thing you might hear accompanying a panoramic scene in a movie blockbuster.” – The Guardian UK

“an uncategorisable, genre-jumping trip, woven at home with impeccable detail and instant likeability.” – The Quietus

Signor Benedick The Moor tours the US with Milo this February!

His new, free ep, ‘Maiden Voyage’, is out now. It features guest appearances from Grammy nominated rapper Daveed Diggs (Hamilton / clipping.) and Jonathan Snipes (clipping.)


Signor Benedick The Moor

‘El Negro’ CD

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