Campaign Creation

The most important aspect of any pr is creating a smart concept to center your campaign around. Anyone can blindly send out information about an album. A campaign that uses albums, music videos, tours, and whatever else you may have as the building blocks of something more significant is what we are after.

Press Service

The most specialized blog and the largest music news site are equally important. We reach them both, everything in between and in strange fringes.

Social Media Integration

Having a strong presence on typical social sites, such as facebook and twitter, is of course important. We can help you do this and much more. With sites like, spotify, and many more playing important roles in your listeners’ lives, we overlook nothing. Many sites, typically ignored, require special approaches that we have developed and only we can offer.

Music Videos

Nothing gets people’s attention quicker on the internet than video. Except maybe a gif. We can help you make both.

Website Development

A central hub for all your work will never stop being important. It is a powerful way to focus your message to the viewer.

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