Math the Band

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Math the Band
The human locomotives known as Math The Band are back with a new album proving that energy is contagious. As anyone attending their live shows or even just following them on social media knows, this duo gives and gives and gives without ever getting exhausted. Touring the world nearly nonstop for years (including a leg with Andrew W.K.), Math The Band recently set forth to record their first album completely free of laptops and software. Wanting to harness the power of a full live band, with everything from vintage analog gear to a live horn section, they appealed to their fans for funding help. Math The Band received just as much back as they’ve put in all this time, more than doubling what was needed for the album. Of course, being unfamiliar with the word “brakes”, they only upped their dedication and are using the money to add both a video game and comic book to their album, make four music videos, plus record an entire second album as well (also to be recorded with their new live instrument arrangement). Math The Band are more than a spectacle of limitless human endeavor, they are an invitation to share in the frenzy.

‘Stupid and Weird’ comes out Feb 4th on Anchor Brain in vinyl, cd, and digital formats. The accompanying video game and comic book will shortly follow. The album includes guest contributions from members of What Cheer Brigade, Harry and The Potters, and Wheatus.


The first video from ‘Stupid and Weird’, for “January 28” debuted at Vice/Noisey

“…the two play with such intensity during live shows, they’ve reportedly suffered seven broken bones and multiple stitches from thrashing around. Now that’s a show.” – NPR

“Math the Band deserves legendary status” – Venus Zine

“They sound like the Ninja Turtles” – Tiny Mix Tapes


Math the Band: Website
Anchorbrain: Website | Store

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