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Enter San Francisco’s The Exploratorium educational museum and sit down for a science film. The sounds you will hear are those of Jeffrey Alexander. People of all ages, all walks of life, are getting to hear his music everyday. The sounds of science. The sounds ingrained with learning. Of course, there isn’t necessarily a lot of star power in being an educational film score composer, although it is exceptionally cool.

Jeffrey Alexander is best known for his deep ties to the evolving experimental folk scene since the 1990s; from the acid-folk revival his group The Iditarod helped usher in to the lavish press attention Black Forest/Black Sea received to his current role on electronics & guitar in Jackie O Motherfucker. While most from The New Weird America scene embraced the imagery of earth-magick, Alexander’s work has often tied itself to space. His newest solo LP, ‘Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet’, will be self-released on vinyl on May 3rd. In anticipation of this release, Alexander has dropped a free online ep entitled ‘Floating Lights’. Songs from both releases will be showcased at a very special Exploratorium event on May 7th in the Tactile Dome (a pitch-black maze experience).


“The constant sound shifting gives Alexander’s musically metamorphic contribution to the New Weird America cult an edge over the competition.” – The WIRE

“interstellar gazing…a whirlybird gale that blows compositional constraints wide open.” – 8.4/10 Pitchfork


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