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I.E. (aka Margot Padilla) has been helping audiences lose their inhibitions for nearly a decade now. Emerging out of the same LA “Ravesploitation” scene that gave us Captain Ahab, I.E.’s music exists somewhere between bedroom K-Pop star, chola rave queen with a computer programming job, and outcast from the mall punk scene. Regardless of how you describe her music, Margot has always been intent on bringing the fun to everyone. So while a great deal of her shows happen at LA mainstay The Smell, some of her most memorable shows have happened at places like a farm with goats in the audience and even at Hot Topic (where she pretty quickly got kicked off stage). While her music focuses on dancefloor ready with heavy nods to wide-appeal, Margot uses this platform to reach people with a very unique sociopolitical voice. Young, poor, Latinas, rarely have representation in music, but through I.E. they do. Margot has a knack for communicating some pretty dark truths about her own life in a manner that is really fun without sacrificing how serious she is. Despite bringing joy to audiences for so many years now, ‘Most Importantly’ is I.E.’s first formal full length album. Long overdue.


“She’s Frank Zappa in the body of Kitty Pryde.” – Guardian UK


I.E.: Website | Soundcloud
Most Importantly: Vinyl | Digital

To request a digital promo or an interview with the band, please contact brian@nullkinsmanandmeng.com.

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