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Elizabeth Le Fey, known as Globelamp on stage, is a creator of fable. While music is her medium, it’s through her use of fantasy and narrative that she explores the world. Globelamp’s songs are that of the artist as traveler.

“…what I love most is how each track has the ability to transport listeners back to the natural world” – The Le Sigh

Heir to the Morgaine of her namesake, Le Fey is not afraid to embrace the dark side of the goddess ~ because not all light is here to protect. Some lights are to distort and only bring forth the negative; abusing the word “truth” to distract from their manipulations. Our own understanding, often so fragile in it’s subjectivity, is deepened through the sort of contemplation and introspection that fable provides.

“…the beautiful loneliness of her words and spellbinding voice – which has a manic quality that shifts between a shivering falsetto and the forcefulness of Grace Slick.” – LA Weekly

On the heels of her own journey departing from Foxygen, Globelamp now speaks to us of heading towards ‘The Orange Glow’. Le Fey sings, “it seemed so warm, the orange, the orange glow. I didn’t know, I didn’t know.” These are stories not from the condescending view of a self appointed teacher, but from the comforting voice of fellow traveler. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes powerful, their true strength comes from openness in the stories they weave.

“…a lush amalgamation of eccentric sounds and spirited vocals that rises and falls in unexpected ways — as any good story should.” – Exclaim

‘The Orange Glow’, drops on Oct 27th via Psychedelic Thriftstore Recordings.

Release party at Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles on Oct 29th.


Globelamp website.

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