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While known to many as a member of the noise & rap trio clipping., Jonathan Snipes’ most prolific work is as a film composer. In just the past few years he has scored the films ‘Room 237’, ‘Starry Eyes’, ‘The Nightmare’, and a segment from ‘The ABC’s of Death 2’. This work has received releases on notables such as Death Waltz and Waxwork Records.

Snipes’ latest score is for the startling horror film ‘Excess Flesh’. Working closely with director Patrick Kennelly (who also made clipping.’s “Body & Blood” music video) on both the music and sound design, Snipes was given complete artistic freedom. The results are one of the most brutal explorations of body horror you’ll ever see and hear. Heavily utilizing harsh noise and elements of the lead actresses’ intense performances as parts of the score, Snipes’ composition is exactly what you’d hope a horror film score to be: frightening as hell!!

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