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Charles Book and Record

Somewhere between Motown and the Illuminati, nightmare and dream, lies (Charles)Book&Record. An architect, an author, and the chanteuse. A trio constructing not just songs with an impressive number of accompanying film works, but a series of clues. From a flickering lamp and a lonely man on the couch in front of a TV to Burlaphead, the time-banana, stained-glass storms, chimeras of all sorts. From the realms of the mundane to those of the sacred. And (Charles). But we’re not here to spell it all out for you. Merely to open the door.

Bringing together their varied skills and backgrounds, Taj Easton, Zack Wentz, and Shelby Gubba have found a way to work in balance. There is no lowest common denominator. A rich blend of sights, sounds, and ideas emerge from an ecstatic interaction of the three.

Taj Easton is a Rammed Earth Housing Engineer, studying nearly his entire life to work with his materials, not against them. In his 40+ hour production sessions he pulls out arrangements and compositions from the sounds and visuals themselves, rather than imposing structures onto them.

Zack Wentz, after spending much of the 00s touring in the bands Kill Me Tomorrow and Tender Buttons, has become a complete bibliophile. An author and publisher now, his treatment of material is as a language. Not just in the lyrics, but the entire symbology and tone. Through their six videos so far, debut Tryptych ep, new album Leftover Magic, and forthcoming serial movie Bad Dreamer, Zack is making the larger narrative unfold. With literally fifty plus more tracks sitting in the wings, this story is far from over.

Shelby Gubba has dedicated much of her life to Planned Parenthood. In a time when our society is again divided over granting everyone basic human rights, Shelby is on the front lines. Not of a war, but just caring for other people. As the chanteuse of (Charles)Book&Record, this comes through as the partnership’s most important element. The humanizing one.

Dedication, narrative, and understanding. Brought together by an unknown fourth only referred to as (Charles). The element of mystery binding them all. They are an artist collective: part band, part filmmakers, all storytellers. ‘Leftover Magic’ is latest chapter in their story, a full length album accompanied by four new videos (including a remix by Xiu Xiu). It is available now direct from the band, both as a digital download and as an audio cassette.

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Pitchfork shares (Charles)Book&Record’s remix of Sufjan Stevens.

“never really satisfied to simply release music” – Geek

“an array of disjointed, strange and associational imagery that shudders from frame to frame with a visual stylization that very much mimics the bands sound itself.” – Juxtapoz

Interview in Movable Magazine


Official Website

“Leftover Magic” Website

To request a digital promo or an interview with the band, please contact brian@nullkinsmanandmeng.com.

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