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Campaign for ‘Ma vie banale avant-garde’ album on Lovepump, music video, and adjoining tour (2011)
Campaign for ‘March To The Sea’ album on Skingraft and adjoining tour (2010)


Tour dates, album review, and music video placements at Pitchfork.
Live previews in local weeklies for over 2/3rds of the cities along their 2011 month long US tour route.
Coverage in over 300 different blogs and websites for 2010 and 2011 combined.


AIDS Wolf nevertheless maintain a clear lineage with rock structures. They’ve just taken the basic elements of guitar-driven rock and pushed them as far into their own little corner of the world as possible — and with a fair deal of success, it should be added. Provided that a listener is wiling to follow them into their shuddering, squealing alleyways, there’s a lot of visceral pleasure to be found here. — TINY MIX TAPES

AIDS Wolf’s monastic commitment to brutal prog-punk and strident no wave has hardened their music from a rough lump of coal into a jagged diamond. — PITCHFORK

The cultish Canadian group AIDS Wolf — NEW YORKER

AIDS Wolf tore the roof off the place… the whole place went fucking nuts. — FADER

Yes, it bears some surface resemblance to the No Wave bands of New York’s late ‘70s, and yes, it’s also quasi-Beefheartian, but this simmeringly ugly-beautiful noncategorizable thing that is the band is like an object lesson in modern, progressive, painfully pure music. — LA WEEKLY

[AIDS Wolf] make you feel uneasy and nauseous, but also a lot of strange emotions that aren’t so easily named, and that are rarely evoked by more conventional approaches to music. — NOW TORONTO

‘Like PSHTS of Aerosol’ Music Video on Vimeo

AIDS Wolf: Website | Facebook

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