Kinsman and Meng is a small boutique pr firm started by Brian Kinsman and Angie Meng. We work in depth with clients to create campaigns that do more than just push an item to sell or tour to attend. We believe that reaching new audiences and keeping those relationships strong is about offering more than a product. It is about making significant, important work that truly captivates. As every artist is unique, so must the pr campaign to help them share what is striking and undeniable about their work. As artists ourselves, we understand that many, if not most, of the people doing truly groundbreaking work are not in a position to spend tons of money on separate campaigns for a tour, album release, music video, etc. Our campaigns involve any and all elements our clients need to promote and bring them together into the overall promotion of a significant moment in their career. This not only makes for a stronger campaign, but also a much more affordable one.

Brian Kinsman brings over a decade of pr experience to the firm. He has helped create international identities for bands, starting with them at their formation. Through his work, bands have gone from just being covered in personal blogs to press in sites such as The New Yorker, Pitchfork, and Vice.

Angie Meng brings programming and design expertise to the firm. Her work makes it possible for us to explore new ways of reaching audiences directly, not just through common social media outlets, but also through unique digital spaces that are typically overlooked.

We are excited to brainstorm new campaigns with all artists exploring new frontiers.

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